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Art Gallery

Art has always been indicative of its time, spanning from years of war to religious revolutions, creating unique marks on history. It has allowed us to catch a glimpse into the world of those before us. With each major intellectual renaissance, a new form or style is established, bestowing onto society a visual aid for its movements. Now in 2020, in the most unprecedented of times, art has once again evolved into a conversation between artist and viewer.


In this exhibition, we explore the many talented works of artists that are now emerging and adding their two cents to the dance between the logical and the emotional. With the rise of Neo-Dadaism and Participatory Art, we are introduced to a new school in line with our personality as a society. In these artists’ bright uses of color, sharp contrasts and shadows, descriptive story-telling, and nod to the masters of long ago, the viewers are stimulated, both visually and mentally. Each artist features their own exclusive perspective and shares their values through the motifs they chose to expand on. Despite being an overall broad theme of 21st Century Modernism, we are given the chance to diversify our experience by showcasing these brilliant painters and maybe even learning something new.


 - Yulia Terletky, gallery curator

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