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Jené Stephaniuk -

"None of my paintings are ever finished."

Jené Stephaniuk, a Ukrainian native, has been honing her skills as an artist since 2000. Originally focused solely on painting, Jene has been exploring and developing her artistic skills while expanding her use of different mediums.


Through her work, Jene has been able to blend her creativity with her academic background and research of analytical chemistry. Always creating and experimenting, she loves to challenge herself and push the boundaries of whatever we all can call “art.” Jene is passionate about expanding the mind and encourages the viewers to remove their conceptual walls as well.


Relocating both internationally and domestically has provided an unfiltered, raw source of inspiration for Jene. Her use of past, present, and future experiences allows her to add additional layers of depth and meaning into each piece. Jene is focused on creating strikingly bold work inspired by amusements that are worth telling a story.

Jené wanted to create a place to bring artists together and gain exposure to collectors that appreciate original work.  She was tired of high commissions of popular galleries, so she set artists' profits as high as she possibly could.  The artists deserve it.

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