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City Nights III

City Nights III


By Emerging Artist Niko Mitsuko


​Niko Mitsuko is an award winning American photographer, painter, and mixed media artist. She began her artistic career at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, graduating in 2007 with a BFA in Fine Art and Photography and a BA in Film. She started out learning photography with a Canon AE-1 and printing in a darkroom. She has used various cameras but her favorite's are her Pinhole camera, trusty Canon DSLR, and Smart phone camera. ​ In the past ten years she has established herself as a professional artist, working primarily with galleries in her long time home of Portland, Oregon as well as across the US, but also exhibiting internationally in Paris, London, and most recently Berlin, where she is now based.




Size: 8 x 11in

  • Height

  • Width

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