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Lover In Solitude

Lover In Solitude


By Emerging Artist Adeela Omar


Born on 25th December 1993, Adeela Omar's cultural, economical, and social programming had her imagination and creativity suppressed, till the age of 17 when her mother suffered from schizophrenia and depression that catapulted Adeela’s life into an abyss. Emotionally and mentally fragmented, she used to lock herself in her bedroom making black & white graphite sketches and charcoal drawings to numb her pain. Adeela moved to the UK in 2013 to study Psychology, after carrying a baggage of emotional trauma and a depressive career in the corporate world, Adeela resorted to art therapy in 2017. This allowed her to achieve a mental breakthrough and a spiritual awakening. With painting as her meditative, sacred and spiritual practice, Adeela embarked on a healing journey - Art kept her alive. Living in London, she devoted herself to oil painting 3 and a half years ago, without formal training. Eroticism, divinity, esoteric symbolism, philosophy and psychology are strong influences in her work and in her embodiment as a human being.


*Price show reflects original work

Print price: $222

Size: 16 x 20 in

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